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Kavya Abole
watch_later 3 years, 3 months ago

I want to raise an eway bill where the material is transported through transport booking (VRL)

Therefore, I neither have the Transporter ID nor the vehicle no. in such a case how do i raise an eway bill.

Even if the GSTIN of VRL is entered as transporter ID a error msg pops up as unregistered transporter. 

** VRL is registered under GST but not registered in eway bill system.

How do i raise an ewaybill in such a case?

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1 Answer

GST Payer watch_later 3 years, 3 months ago

Vehicle number is required. VRL must have transporter ID. You need to force them to provide vehicle number or transporter id.

I understand it looks bit impractical to raise an E-way bill but there is no other way.

One of client who bought materials from Gujarat, was caught in Karnataka without E-way Bill. We had to create E-way bill to move vehicle.

You have to ask VRL to provide transporter id or vehicle number.

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    I have observed that if we enter outside Karnataka GSTIN of the transporter, the error shows as Unregisterred Transporter. I hope the department will rectify this. Each transporter has different GSTIN for each state. I think you will not get error for VRL Karnataka GSTIN for the timebeing. - Basheer PM
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