Filling offline GSTR1 is a nightmare

Last udpated: Jan. 13, 2018, 6:38 p.m.

Filing GSTR1 thru offline utility is a nightmare. This is a curse on filers like CAs.

  • When you download the utility and run the exe file, many a times the installation hangs. It is just 36mb files but for only reasons known to God…it takes about 10 mins for the whole installation.
  • The  excel which is used to validate with data keeps getting frozen every now and then.
  • Even if one deletes existing data in the sheets, the excel hangs.
  • If you keep another excel with the source data, then the two excel will invariably hang.
  • When you fill all the sheets and upload into the offline utility and first time it will never show the errors. It just throws a stupid error saying cannot upload.
  • If by God's grace it strikes to you that the date format is not correct…on correcting this, the real cat and mouse game starts.
  • There are some fields which need to be filled and they are not marked as mandatory. You will be for shock when through trial and errors you notice this was the issue.
  • If you give up in uploading the whole file, then you will try to upload bucket by bucket. You will be surprised to know that the excel is expected to have only one tab this time.
  • If you attempt to copy and paste sheet by sheet(there is an option for this) this never worked for me. It asks to include headers and lines and this never ever worked for me.
  • If you uploaded some portions of the data earlier, then one must for sure delete this. Else one starts getting the error about duplicate information. Not sure why the application delete old data itself and reload in entirety.
  • I am not sure why Jason file needs to be created. Like earlier Service Tax returns, if the excel is pointed, why cannot GSTN not convert the file
  • Not sure why there is no consistency with Invoice value and Taxable value. Few sheets use them interchangeably.
  • If you want to access previous returns from the GSTIN site to fill some information, then forget it. It opens at its own sweet pace.
  • Sometime when you upload information by manually keying in, only the summary numbers under each bucket are seen and one cannot see even the breakup
  • Nobody knows where to include ecommerce sales to unregistered buyers-B2C thru ecommerce.
  • B2C Large does not allow intra state sales. Not sure why?
Posted by Navin Gadidala under GST

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Comment by Pulkit Sharma

Filing GSTR-1 is a nightmare, rightly articulated your opinion. Not only GSTR-1 every return is difficult to file.
Either server does not work or there is some issue with utilities.

Comment by Basheer PM

Sir, For the point " Nobody knows where to include ecommerce sales to unregistered buyers-B2C thru ecommerce.". Until further notificaion, we need to add all the e-commerce sales to "Other than E-commerce". The details can be watched in the below video issued by GSTN (minute 24:00 onwards)

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