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GSTN (Goods and Service Tax Network), the company which handles technological part of GST has issued various APIs for developers to build applications and help in compliance. Before we understand various APIs and how you can access these APIs, lets understand the purpose for which APIs are issued.

Purpose of APIs and various usage

As you are aware through API, you can interact with a server. Using these APIs one can have access to GSTN servers and perform various functions.

Filing of returns

You can implement or design a new software for filing of GST returns. GSTN provides APIs, using which you can:

  1. Save different GST Returns,
  2. View different GST returns,
  3. Check status of GST returns,
  4. Create challans and make tax payments,
  5. And other functions

E-way bill API

You can use E-way bill APIs, to generate E-way bills. You can:

  1. Generate E-way bill
  2. Edit or update E-way bill
  3. Cancel E-way bill
  4. View E-way bill reports etc.

As a developer you can use E-way bill APIs to integrate in your accounting software or ERP to enable users directly generate E-way bill instead of visiting government E-way bill portal.

GST number verification API

GSTN also provides public APIs to verify GST numbers. You can use these APIs to:

  1. Verify details of a GST number
  2. View status of a tax payers and his compliance history

Above I have discussed few use cases of APIs, however there are few other APIs also available. It depends on you, how you want to use these APIs and enhance your application.

Business challenges of investing in GSTN APIs

In above heading, I have explained APIs available and purpose of these APIs and how you can use them in your application. However there are many challenges of using these APIs.

Challenges are both technical and monetary.

Technical challenges are not much relevant as these can be taken care of by continuous monitoring GSTN update notifications.

Technical challenges

  1. GST systems and even tax rules are still not stable. For instance one never know when a Tax Return will be discontinued. Even we at KnowyourGST have not launched any facilities because of this. GST returns such as GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 will be discontinued and new returns GST Sahaj and GST Sugam will be launched.
  2. GST APIs response and request changes frequently. This is because of frequent changes in GST rules.
  3. There are other challenges and can be easily handled by developers.

Business and financial challenges of investing in APIs

The reason as a developer you will use APIs is to enhance your existing product or launch a new product. There are various challenges you will face to break even with investment.

You can read GSTN is not startup friendly for understanding various challenges. Here is summary of main concerns.

  1. GSTN provides access to GSP for API access.
  2. GSP can appoint ASP for further API access. Here GSP are middleman between GSTN servers and ASP (end user or developers).
  3. Unless you are funded or invested business you cannot become a GSP as rules to become GSP are not startup friendly.
  4. Every solution that you can provide using APIs are already provided by GSTN through GST portal.
  5. GSP are charging huge for API access. GSP will be your main competitors as they will be providing same services as you.

We launched KnowyourGST to help taxpayers understand GST laws. We have built products on GST APIs and many big brands are using these products.

If you are a startup or planning to use GST APIs, you can use APIs provided by KnowyourGST.

KnowyourGST is the only portal to provide unlimited API calls for fixed prices. You can access GST verification API page here.

How to get GST APIs

GSTN provides API access to GSP (GST Suvidha Providers) and GSP further can appoint ASP (Application Suvidha Provider).

So, you should either become an ASP or GSP to access GST APIs.

GSTN as of now has stopped accepting new GSP registration, so only option is to become an ASP.

If you are looking for a solution to verify GST numbers and integration GST verification APIs, you can use KnowyourGST GST verification API.

Benefits of using our APIs are:

  1. You can compare response time, we are among fastest in providing response.
  2. We have smart system and caching to provide you results in 80% even if GST servers or GSP servers are down.
  3. It will take less than 2 minutes to sign up, generate API Key and run your first request.
  4. Support through whatsapp and documentation.
  5. Cheap plans with unlimited API calls.
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