GST contest to test your knowledge and win free gift

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First 50 winners will get a surprise gift. Total 17 questions are added in this quiz. You need to answer each to get 100% result.

GST contest

Question asked are basic in nature and are related to GST registration, composition scheme, GST Invoice.

Quiz is for beginners and very soon I will post another quiz for experts.

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What is full form of GST?

Which are the main acts under GST?

Which year the CGST Act was approved by president of India?

GST is applicable to whole of India?

GST tax is on sale of goods or services or both?

Under GST Composition scheme is not applicable?

Due date of filing outward supplies return under GST is 10th of next month?

Mr. A who operates in Karnataka, sold material to Tamilnadu. He can pay tax under composition levy if his turnover is below 75 lakhs for previous financial year.

You can generate a single invoice for taxable and non-taxable goods.

If a registered person receives goods from an unregistered person, he need to pay tax under Reverse Charge mechanism?

You need to compulsory use computer software to generate GST Tax invoices?

GST is to charged on SALES and not on supplies?

A person paying tax under Composition Levy need to issue

GST registration is compulsory if

GST registration is compulsory for E-Commerce operators?

GST registration is not compulsory for sellers on E-Commerce operators?

Who can do GST audits if turnover exceeds 2 crore?

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Comment by Naveen Agrawal

Answered 13 questions correctly out of 17. How comes 53%?

Comment by GST Payer

This is designed in such a way that if you chose answer multiple times, you get negative marking. You have to select an answer only once for a question.
CPT concept, negative marking.

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

Points will be deducting for trial and error answering. You have to select correct option at first chance itself.

Comment by Utpal Maity

i have a query about composition scheme because... answer of the question no. 8 you said that Composition scheme is not available to person having interstate trade. but in section 9(2)(c) of cgst act defines that a composition dealer is not eligible to make inter-state "OUTWARD SUPPLIES" of goods, so he can make inter-state "inward supplies"

Comment by Piyush Agarwal

This Quiz is fake. I have answered all questions correctly and scored 94%. Why not 100%? You all are just marketing and increasing the number of logins on your website.

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

Please read above comment. You have to select option only once. If you select option twice or more for a single answer than points will be deducted.
It is a test by a CA so penalty for revising :)

Comment by RAGHAV MODI

Hurray! I scored 100%. Would be waiting for the surprise.


how it gives 82% for answering 17 out of 17 correctly?

Comment by GOVINDAN V R

It is very useful to get GST Knowledge.Thank you very much.



All answers are correct then why 53 % ?

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

You have to select one answer only once. It has negative marking for any wrong selection. For example, for first question the answer is First one, but before selecting or after selecting correct answer if you have selected any other option, then for each selection you loose a point.


My 12 Answers are right but result given 41% instead of 70%

Comment by Kuldeep Raj Kapoor

my answer was 100 % Right why 59%

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