GST Eway bill Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3 and date format error solved

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Eway bill is a mandatory document for transporting goods, for which value consignment exceeds Rs. 50,000. It is now mandatory for both interstate and intrastate transaction.  Generating an E way bill is only possible through the website - or

Tax payers have to login to the system and enter all the date required for E-way bill including Consignor or Consignee name , GSTIN, document or invoice number, date of invoice, commodity , quantity, HSN , rate of tax, taxable value, vehicle number or transporter id, approximate distance etc . After completing the data entry only eway bill will be generated.

Bulk Tools

Bulk tools are used for generating eway bills offline. These tools include three parts 

Atrributes, Sample Json Files, Json preparation Tools.

Attributes and Sample Json Files

Attributes and Sample JSON files have only use in developing software applications for GST or working with GST invoices or other documents. 

For eg: If you are using a software in your business firm for generating Invoice, Delivery Challan etc. or you want to develop a new software for the above purpose, you should forward the same files to your software vendor or software developer. The software developer can easily integrate a module in your existing or new software that if you generate an invoice in your software, the data entered will be captured by the software will be converted into a 'JSON' file. JSON file is nothing but a JAVA Based Text File, -(JavaScript Object Notation.
Now you can upload this JSON file to the Eway bill portal and the portal will generate eway bill for you.  You can also create consolidated e-way bill, update vehicle, update transporter, create a Masters list ( Masters list  - the Suppliers details, Customers details, Commodity details with HSN and packing unit, Transporter details to which you are frequently dealt that data entry for eway bill become easier)

Json preparation Tools

Json preparation Tools is nothing but a Excel File with VBA Macro enabled file.  If you don't have a software or billing software as described above, you can use these JSON preparation Tools. Simply enter the data into the tool (excel sheet) and click VALIDATE button and PREPARE JSON button. This will create a JSON file in your PC , in the same folder where the excel tool has been saved. 

Now you can upload the data to the Eway bill portal and generate E-way bill. Same way you can create consolidated e-way bill, update vehicle, update transport,create a masters list etc. as above.

Errors of Bulk tool

Common errors occur while using bulk tool is "Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3" and date format incorrect , enter the date dd/mm/yyyy format.

Compile error in Hidden module sheet 3

This error normally happens if you are using a Windows 2007 system and MS Office 2007 system. This is related to VB module in the Excel macro enabled files. The VBA causing the issue.  I have corrected the issue and provided the files that will run on Windows 2007 and MS office 2007 system. You can download these Five files from my Google Drive from the below link.

Link for Corrected E Way Bill Bulk Tool files

Date format in DD/MM/YYYY format

To resolve this issue please goto Control Panel > Regional and Language > Regional and Language settings > Date > Change the date format to English United Kingdom ( It may be either English (India) or English (UK ) in your system)

Then click Apply and then OK. The help files provided in the above link.

Macro Error.

Please enable all Macros in your excel. To do that Click Microsoft Office Button ( Left Top Round button) > Excel Option > Trust Centre > Trust Centre settings > Macro Settings > Enable all Macros (not recommended) . Click OK.

The help files provided in the above link.

You can also watch my video in the below link.

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