GST helpline customer care and contact number

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One good thing with government portal whether it is GST, MCA or Income Tax is that they have established customer care and technical teams to understand concerns of users.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) departments has a customer care or user grievance cell to address the issues faced by tax payers.

What is Customer support or Helpline number of GST department?

Customer care number of GST department is 1800 1200 232.

You can call on this number to talk with customer care representative to ask your doubts and queries.

Helpdesk or support website for GST department is

You can visit above website to submit your queries or any technical issues and track progress of your issues.

Contact details and address of local GST department

You can always get help from GST customer care or helpdesk for your technical issues you face on GST website. However, sometimes you need to visit your local GST department. For example, if you forgot your login user id or password and even lost mobile number and email access, you have to visit your GST department to reset your credentials.

You can find out address of your local GST department from your GST website account.

To get contact details of your local GST department:

  1. Login to GST website
  2. Click on Services
  3. Click on User Services
  4. Click on Contacts

A form will open and you can select here officer and department you want to contact.

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