Invoice uploaded but GSTR 1 not submitted by the Supplier

Last udpated: Nov. 4, 2017, 9:12 p.m.

Some common software glitches are yet to find a solution by GSTIN

1. GSTR 2 - Invoice uploaded by the Supplier. But the supplier failed to submit GSTR 1

In such cases the receipient should add those invoices , which have been displayed in GSTR 2A  as the supplier already uploaded the invoice as MISSING INVOICE in GSTR -2 . Please keep in mind that, while adding those invoices as MISSING INVOICES, the INVOICE NUMBER , INVOICE DATE, INVOICE VALUE and GSTIN  should be the same  as seen in 2A. If any difference with the original invoice uploaded by the supplier, especially INVOICE NUMBER, the same invoice will be added as duplicate. The newly added invoice will be shown to the supplier in his GSTR 1A . Now the supplier should accept that invoice.

2  GSTR 2 - Not showing invoices in 4A tab.

This issue can be solved easily.  Those who aren't able to see the invoices submitted by the dealer, should first open GSTR 2. Then go downwards to see 'GENERATE GSTR 2 SUMMARY' first. Wait for 1-2 minutes. Refresh page. Then click 4A tab of GSTR -2.

The invoices will be now visible.  Select the 'checkbox' near to the invoice and click 'ACCEPT', 'REJECT', 'PENDING' or click edit button as per your requirement.

ACCEPT : Click ACCEPT button to accept your purchase. If you accept the invoice the input tax credit will be authorized.

REJECT : Clicking REJECT button , you are denying the purchase (inward supply) against that invoice.

PENDING : This button require, only if the invoice has been issued most probably at the end of the return month and the goods received by the recipient in next month.  In such situation , the recipient dealer can withheld the purchase as well as Input Tax Credit for the next month ( goods received month), by clicking PENDING  button.

Edit: Editing require, if the invoice value , tax value shown in the figures are different from actual invoice. But the invoice number - if wrong - cannot be edited. Such invoices with wrong invoice number should be rejected and correct invoice should be added as MISSING INVOICE.

GSTR 1 A- All such invoices , which have edited by the or added as missing invoice by the recipient, will be available for the concerned supplier for Approval in his GSTR 1A. Supplier should be approve such invoices in order to effect the changes.


Comment by GST Payer

Thank you James for such a wonderful article.
Can you write an article explaining few things such as:
1. GTA filed returns with reverse charge ticked, what should be done for this?
2. Whether tax is to be under RCM for all transporter or how to identify between a normal transporter and a GTA?
3. GTA did not uploaded invoice details in GSTR-1 but in GSTR-2 we have 2 options one is for registered and another for unregistered, where to show RCM details for registered and unregistered?

Comment by Gagan taneja

Dear SiR,
I would like to know that i m seller on ecommerce how i can file the sale report and debit note on gst and how to opt for RCM reverse charge Machism and how to enter the detail for commisoin detucted by the selling portal example flipkart
Answer should be appericiated waiting for your reply

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