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HSN or HS Code or Harmonized System (HS) is an effort to classify traded products into a common international standard.

You can use above form to check the HS Code or Description by typing product description or HSN.

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What is HS Code and what is HSN under GST?

HS Code is a standard code given to a particular nature of commodity to identify it among international trade. For example, each product or nature of product is grouped under one code or category, every nation by looking at HS Code can easily get know the nature of product.

In a world where many languages exist, every country has its own terms for traded products, HS coding was required to identify products by each country with a common code.

Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is currently maintained by World Customs Organisation.

In India this system is adopted and being used in Customs and now under GST. Using Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System for classifying commodities or products under GST will remove the confusion of classifications for Indian as well as international tax payers.

How many digits form a HS Code or HSN?

WCO has listed the 6 digit code for products, however every member country can add additional digits for their further use, but first 6 digits should not be changed.

As per the codes from WCO, HS code consists of 6-digits. The first two digits designate the HS Chapter. The second two digits designate the HS heading. The third two digits designate the HS subheading.

You must have noticed that many items contain 8 or 10 digits when you selected a product while registering for GST. This is because India has added extra digits to the existing 6 digits to further use these numbers for its internal purpose.

How to check an imported product with product list under GST?

If you have imported some products from China and want to classify them under GST, you should copy the first 6 digits of product imported from China and match with first 6 digits of products listed under GST.

It does not matter what is the length of HS Code of products imported or exported, first 6 digits will be same for same product worldwide (member countries).

How to check HS Code or description for a product?

You can use the form provided in starting of this article to check the description of product by providing HS Code or alternatively you can search HS Code by providing description of product.

You can also download list of HS Codes under GST in excel format.

If you have any doubts on HSN codes or classifying your product, you can use this website to ask question with tag GST-HSN and experts will help you.

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Comment by GST Payer

Amazing KnowyourGST is trying to be one stop solution for everything GST. People are confused over HS classification, those who had been engaged into import and export are aware of this classification, even the excise dealers. However for those who have migrated from VAT or service tax this is a new concept.

Comment by Rahul Rai

You made it very simple to search HS data. It is amazing being a member of this website. I have few question on HS classification, numbering and how it will be treated under GST. Heading to Q&A.

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

Thanks a lot for appreciating the efforts. I have been with team of site to prepare this search tool. As a practicing professional my aim is to provide every possible solution to tax payers so that they can comply with GST law.

HS classification does not seem much complicated to us professionals, but many first time tax payers will have doubts on HS classification.

This article is an attempt to solve some of queries tax payers may have. @Rahul, use GST-HSN tag for your all doubts, will love to help.

Comment by Elegant Traders

hsn code tax of tiles ,sanitaries,paint closet &tap items

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

For hardware items hsn code is 39172110, for tiles hsn code is 69010030.
Search in the chapter heading 6901 and 3917 for more specific code.

Comment by K CS

I run a proprietorship firm which is a B2B sales agent working under Goair, indigo etc and also under travel portals like yatra, via. I ahve not yet received Provisional ID for GST I get commission from air ticket sales and TDS is deducted. i.e I book tickets on behalf of Airlines and travel portals and sell them.

Now since th GST is in force , Do I have to charge 5% GST on economy class from customer even if 5% GST is already charged by the Airline in the total airfare ?

I would like to mention that Travelboutiqueonline is advising its agent to pay 18% GST on the commission received from airline sales and create invoices for the same per sale made. I do not know if that is correct method of taxation in GST
pls revert for both the points above

Comment by Aftab sayyed

hello Sir, my question is whether a subwork contractor how is registered under GST can avail Input tax credit ?and what is a rate of GST in work contractor?

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