watch_later 01/09/17
Dear sir, I am web designer and my annual turnover is below 20 Lakhs. However, I got GST registration on 25th August, as I may get some Inter State works. Earlier I was not billing in VAT/GST and tax not collected/paid. Now, since I got GST registration I need to do GST billing. My query is 1) Shall I start GST invoice No. from Sl. No. 1, from 25th August? 2) Is it necessary to collect the GST numbers of my client and mention it in the Invoice while billing? 3) When I purchase Domain/hosting, the service provider Charge GST. but in their Shopping Cart, there is no provision to mention my GST Number. How can I get the inward credit of that GST payment?
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watch_later 01/09/17

You can start billing with serial number 1 under GST.

Yes if you customer/client is registered under GST, then you have to mention his GSTIN, and upload invoice details in GSTR-1, so that your client can avail input tax credit.

I think most of the hosting providers are asking for GSTIN. There are 2 ways to handle these cases.

  • Provide you GSTIN to them, for example Digitalocean is asking for GSTIN and you pay the tax under RCM. You will get input tax credit in this way.
  • Another is do not provide GSTIN, they will charge GST and pay to government but I doubt if you will get input credit of this.

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