watch_later 17/10/17

Aadhar, which was started by earlier Congress government has caught momentum in Modi government.

Modi government is forcing to link everything with Aadhar which makes sense.

Thanks to Aadhar now many things are getting done without photocopy of bundles of documents.

I once lost my mobile and got new sim just with a thumb impression, no photocopies of ID cards was required.

This is a big positive side of Aadhar.

Similarly people filing IT returns can sign their returns using Aadhar OTP. GST returns can be signed using Aadhar OTP.

Government is doing good things with Aadhar.

Why people are concerned with Aadhar linking and Aadhar data?

Aadhar has its own advantages and everyone is benefiting with Aadhar. Then why people and intellectuals are crying foul about Aadhar.

Why few people are against Aadhar.

Well, they have their own reasons.

  1. Data security is the main reason. Aadhar has captured each and every personal details of card holder. From thumb impression to eye impression, mobile to bank to ITR details. Everything is captured through Aadhar.
    If this detail gets leaked or gets in someone else hands, data may be compromised. Recently there was a case where one person lost money on a phone call asking for Aadhar linking.
  2. Political reasons, well few do politics in everything.

Should you link your Aadhar?

Yes you should link your Aadhar with every document. Anyhow every other document is already in digital form lying in government servers, which can also be compromised.

Without worrying about anything, just go and start linking your documents.

Care should be taken?

Yes, whether it is Aadhar, or riding a vehicle, due care has to be taken.

Never tell the mobile OTP to any one. Remember this crucial point. Never ever tell OTP received on your mobile to anyone in this world.

OTP is the only and main point through which Aadhar data or Aadhar services can be used.

So, link your Aadhar but never share your OTP.

Have you linked your Aadhar and have any point to add?

Have you linked your Aadhar to all services and what is your experience.

Do you have any suggestion to other users?

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watch_later 17/10/17

Good thinking but, what is the use of Pan card/ Voter ID card/ration card/ so & so............................?

watch_later 17/10/17

Aadhar is a good one for Identity. I believe, everything else should be linked to Aadhar and not the other way around. For eg, Mobile/Bank Account/Properties etc to be linked to Aadhar.

Unfortunately, Every Aadhar needs to be linked to a Mobile No, which is no good. May be, this needs to be corrected.

watch_later 24/10/17

Every individual card has its own features and they are introduced by respective departments. Some securities are built in them so as to identify the owner of the card correctly. Aadhar is new and these departments can use single card with similar securities implemented.

May not be far away from One Card One Person One India concept. Hopefully in next gen


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