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Last udpated: Dec. 17, 2018, 3:03 p.m.

KnowYourGST is the leading provider of APIs to verify any GST number. Within a short span of time KnowYourGST has got leading companies as its clients.

However, we keep getting lot of requests for API to provide even contact details of tax payers. Many businesses are asking us to to include contact details in our GST number verification API, and they are ready to pay even more for this.

However, we have decided to never include contact details in GST verification API unless GSTN itself sends these details in API response.

GST numbers are public information but not the contact details

Can KnowYourGST provide contact details of a tax payer? Yes, it can. By running multiple APIs in background, it is possible to get contact details such as mobile number and email ID of tax payer. However, it is not only exploitation of GSTN services but also illegal to do it.

GSTN has classified APIs into Public API and Tax Payers API. Public APIs are for information which can be shared with public without permission of a tax payer. However APIs released under Tax Payers category has to be executed after consent of Tax Payer.

If any service provider promised you to provide contact details through public APIs without consent of tax payers, he is doing it illegally.

Contact details are highly personal to one and even GSTN has not made them available in any of the public APIs.

Contact details are not available in any Public API

Please do remember that none of the public API response contains contact details such as mobile number or email id of tax payer. We can understand the intention of GSTN by not providing these details in API response.

We request users to not try to exploit the system. It can put you under heavy loss and legal issues.

Even GSTN has issued warning for scrapping of GST portal.

We never exploit information of tax payers available with us. But we provide information that is legal to provide. Our API response do not contain contact details of tax payers and will never contain unless GSTN allows it.

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