Top 5 GST Softwares

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Goods and services tax (GST) is an indirect tax imposed in India on the supply of goods and services. The tax came into origin from July 1, 2017. GST is charged at every stage in the production process, but is pay back to all parties in the chain of production over than the final consumer.

There were many taxes in India on multiple levels all these taxes have now been replaced by GST, which is also known as “One Nation One Tax”.

GST Registration is a key process from which you can start using GST Software for maintaining records. A GST Software is important for every company, because with the new GST policy in place there are a lot of new process and variety of rules to be taken care of in the proper prescribed format and if finished require a huge penalty and as such to keep the GST transition organized and successful this leads to have a GST Software.

“TOP 5 GST Softwares”

The below given list is a Top 5 GST software in India which guide you with GST Compliance, accounting and Invoicing needs of GST. The GST software depends based on your business activity carried on by the firm.

There are a lot of software that help you to maintain your accounts book in accordance with GST laws in a simplified way. There are different types of GST software available in the market. The GST Software is a technical backbone that helps organizations with their GST operations like accounting and invoicing needs, inventory, finances, purchase, sale, taxation, payroll, etc. efficiently.

GST Software have a features like Compliant E-filing Procedures as per GST, Tax computation as per GST rates, Invoice Generation as per GST standards, Multi-Platform Suitability, Credit Management as well as Updating Features with new changes and rules being incorporated. Other than this it is really important that the GST software has data synchronization capacity to sync the organization’s data in the new GST mechanism.

Here are the most popular GST ready software (pharse it again)


Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is an accounting software that is used by the reseller and manufacturers. It is popular accounting software that manages inventory and payroll in every organization. It is one of the low-cost software available in the market. There are multiplex features available with Tally ERP 9. It was mainly featured for accountants and hence it may be little difficult for businessmen to use.

One can perfectly plan purchases, manage working capital and improve cash flow for organizations. It enables to keep a inspect on expenditure, handle exceptions in business processes and manage financials in a better practice.

Tally function offline and doesn’t require an internet connection. This software has a very wide variety of software.


Silver Edition (Single user edition for Standalone PCs) ₹ 18,000 Excluding GST

Gold Edition (Unlimited multi-user edition for multiple PCs on LAN environment) ₹ 54,000 Excluding GST


  • Simple Accounting Software
  • One stop solution for compliance
  • Support and banking transaction
  • Faster access to business reports
  • Flexible inventory management
  • Easy application management
  • Easy to share
  • Payroll management
  • Budgets and controls
  • Support for manufacturers
  • Multingual capabilities
  • Enhanced security

Zoho Books

Zoho books is an international based company, they recently introduced there services in Indian market. It is cloud based accounting software with simple features. As Zoho is comparatively new in the market, certain aspect are still missing. It is easy to use software with accounting integrated for small business. Zoho books provide unique business models. It also permits collaborative work amongst colleagues and accountants without any extra user fees.

The attribute and value makes it a budget friendly. It is mostly useful for startups.


 Rs. 2,499 Per Year for one organization


  • Mobile application
  • Cloud based system
  • Multi-user
  • Easy accounting
  • Easy invoicing and billing
  • Multi-cash
  • Customized

Intuit Quick books

Quick book is also one of the international based accounting software services. Now its trying vigorous to follow with the Indian accounting standard. Quick book is more useful for the person who is more considered about the invoicing, because its suitable for services interconnected to invoicing tool. It helps to maintain good set of financial report. It has a fast and easy interface.

Quick books is accounting software which suits for micro-business. This software is easy to use.


Rs. 5000/- per year


  • Basic inventory management
  • Payrolls
  • Mobile app
  • Cloud based


Marg ERP 9+ is a easy but wide and a high in demand software. Mrg ERP9+ is a leading software application provider. It is one of the Top 5 GST software in India. Marg Software is a GST enabled inventory and accounting software solution to optimize businesses. It also supply large content related to human resources software solutions which has enhanced features like attendance, payroll, leave management softwares etc to support businesses in smoother conversion into GST.

Marg is time saving as it tracks all your business activity to guide better. The logic behind the victory of MARG is self-customization, flexibility, time to time up-gradations.


Basic Edition Rs.7,200

Silver Edition Rs.12,600

Gold Edition Rs. 25,200


  • Complete inventory accounting management
  • Self-designed invoice and other format
  • Multi customer handling provision
  • Very easy fast excise invoice generation
  • Variable duty rate selection while making invoice


Profitbooks is a famous and universal accounting software in India. It also provides bookkeeping services through its partner network. Profitbooks is one of the early accounting software that was introduced in India. A little that immature at the time its now behold a lot of GST compliance features.

It helps in multi-user and multi-currency support. Here, the interface is quite simple.


Professional plan Rs.2,999 per year

SMB plan Rs.8,999 per year


  • Manage stock efficiency
  • Run monthly payroll in a minutes
  • Customize everything
  • Easy expenses management

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Zubizi GST accounting software should also be included in this list. Zubizi Web Solutions is India’s first business intelligent GST software.
Which will provide you with valuable insight and help you to make predictable business decisions. One of their main features is that you can customise the software depending upon your business. They have one-click GST filing. It can be operated from a desktop computer or a webserver. Do check them out. They have a free trial also.

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