How to apply for transporter ID by a transporter under GST?

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If you are a transporter and already registered under GST then you do not have to apply separately for a transporter id.

However if you are not registered under GST, then you have to apply for transporter id.

In this article you will learn, how you can apply for a transporter id.

What is transporter id under GST?

Transporter id is the unique registration number given to a transporter.

Under Eway bill rules and provisions, a transporter also has to prepare eway bill if consignment value is more than Rs. 50,000 and supplier or recipient is not registered under GST.

To prepare E-way bill, a transporter should be either registered under GST as a normal tax payer or should be registered under Eway bill.

Transporter id is required by consignors or consignee making eway bill.

E-way bill can be generated using vehicle number but it is appropriate to provide transporter id if vehicle number is not known at the time of transporter or if vehicle is changed during transportation, transporter has the option to edit part B of Eway bill.

Who can register for transporter id?

A transporter can register for transporter id.

To register and get a transporter id, you have to visit Eway portal.

Normally transporter have the option to not register under GST, however as a transporter option to register and get E-way bill is always open.

Registering for transporter id is different from registering under GST.

If you have already registered under GST, then your GST number will be your GST id.

Benefit of registering only on eway bill portal is that you do not have to file GST returns.

However, rules requires transporter holding transporter id to maintain certain documents with details of consignments transported.

How to register for transporter id?

If you want to register your transport business and get transporter id, KnowyourGST team can help you.

You can take help of KnowyourGST for registration.

If you wish to do it yourself, you can do it on your own.

Procedure to register is:

  • Go to Eway bill portal
  • Click on Enrolment for Transporters
  • Application for registration under section 35(2) will open
  • Fill the application
  • Submit application

You will receive OTP on your email and mobile that you have provided. Once application is approved you will get your transporter id.

Documents required for registration of transporter on Eway portal

Following documents are required to apply for transporter id.

  • PAN mandatory
  • Address proof
  • ID proof

These are simple set of documents. Procedure for registration is also very simple.

You will receive your ID, once application is approved.

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