Tax Audit Under 44ab Due Date Extended

Reported under Income-Tax on 24/09/2019

Once again our sources and information is correct and date for Tax Audit and ITR filing is extended by exact one month.

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Earlier from our source we got that GST Annual returns date will be extended and we announced even much before government.

Due date for Income Tax Returns and Audit is approaching and professionals and tax payers are finding it difficult to complete their compliance duty.

As per our sources it is believed that Tax Audit dates may be extended by 1 month.

Please note that our sources has been accurate in past but we suggest to complete your work as per due dates as on day of posting this news.

The announcement is expected by this week itself and revised due dates may be extended by 1 month.

Even the data of returns filed is not very encouraging for government to not consider extension of due dates.

Posted by GST Payer under Income-Tax

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