How to submit/file forms to MCA

Last udpated: Jan. 10, 2019, 11:27 a.m.

To submit any application/form to MCA, visit, Log in to your account. If not registered, create your account, by clicking on ‘Register’ in top menu.

Form Submission

Form Submission

After you log in, click on 'Upload e-forms'

Form Submission

Next in Upload Form page, select 'Normal Forms' and attach relevant form. If any additional form is to be filed with the main form, then select 'Linked Forms' and attach the form.

If you are resubmitting the form filed earlier, then select 'Re-submission SRN', enter SRN number and attach the normal and/or linked forms.

If more than one linked forms are to be attached, click on 'Add more linked forms'

Click on 'Upload'

Form Submission

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