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Last udpated: Oct. 10, 2017, 9:39 a.m. has become a big website within a short span of time. The site receive around half a million visitors every month and website is highly targeted towards practical solutions on various tax laws.

The site was launched to help tax payers comply with GST laws. However over the period, I have noticed that people want a single place to discuss different tax and legal laws and want to hire the experts who are actively engaged on website.

Many professionals including me are getting many clients from KnowYourGST.

Step by step, I am trying to convert knowyourgst as a single platform for all legal and taxation matters.

This week the site was powered with another feature where experts can list their firms for free.

Any professional whether he is a CA, CS, CWA, Lawyer or a tax consultant can login to the site and list his/their firm on the website.

Why we need a separate listing function when potential clients can choose experts based on the answers or articles published on site?

This a good question, even I had concerns whether to launch the classifieds listing for professionals as a separate functionality or not. I had similar thoughts, what is the need to have a separate section for classifieds listing when potential clients can search the clients based on articles and answers already contributed on the site.

Well, due to following reasons the separate section was launched:

  1. It is easy for users to search different professionals at a single place, instead of looking at different answers and articles and then shortlisting professionals.
  2. The ranking in listing is totally depended on contribution made by professionals on site.
  3. Users can search for professionals and consultants in their own cities or state.
  4. Each listing will also have the Expert reputation and participation reputation as ranking factor.

Basically the listing section was created to provide easy filtering and sorting solution to users.

Who can use the free listing functionality to advertise for free?

The classifieds listing is only for professional service providers whether in individual capacity or as a firm or other form of organisation.

The listing functionality just like our Invoicing application is completely free and no fee will be charged ever to boost the ranking.

Why you should advertise your firm or services on knowyourgst?

Knowyourgst unlike other classifieds portal is user focused and website gets highly targeted users who are either looking for solution or searching for a consultant.

From the various data I collected on website, most of the users wanted to hire professionals from site.

If you want to stay relevant and be found by your potential clients, it is a golden opportunity.

You should consider advertising/listing your firm on knowyourgst for following reasons:

  • KnowyourGST is targeted towards same user who are going to be your clients.
  • KYG provides solution and content related to your expertise.
  • To rank on top position (first 3 positions matters a lot), you do not have to spend anything but share your knowledge. Before your potential client can contact you, he will already have a good image of you based on your informative content.


We are a growing community and it is our responsibility to share our knowledge with others. Literacy rate and specially financial and civic literacy rate in India is very low.

It is our duty to spread the awareness and educated others on topics we have grip on.

Let us make this community the most happening one by writing articles, explaining law, answering doubts.

By doing all this what we get is recognition and an opportunity to grow our professional practice.

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Comment by GST Payer

This is a great step by Knowyougst. Professionals who are already sharing their knowledge on website can list their firm here and have an opportunity to find potential clients.
Best part it being free. I remember in one of the blog post on another website, you wrote how you started your professional life without any contacts.
Your experience is a path light for us.

Comment by Rahul Rai

Even Pulkit started his professional life by writing articles on different websites. I remember his articles on VAT and other topics.
Most of his clients were from this knowledge sharing and still the same.

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, when I started practice I hardly had any contact in business world.
For me the problem was how to make contacts and generate leads.
However, I took a different path and started writing online on various taxation topics and this proved to be a milestone in my journey.
Today almost all clients that I have are because of my contribution in form of knowledge sharing.
As a professional we have this advantage of showcasing our talent before hand.
Knowyourgst listing function is only for professionals and I launched it so that others who have just started or already established can also have a platform to market their services and firm.

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